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Graduate Students Huifeng Qian and Wenwen Li have received the the prestigious 2010 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad

photo of Huifeng Qian and Wenwen LiBoth Huifeng Qian, 3rd year student in the Jin group, and Wenwen Li, 4th year graduate student in the Matyjaszewski group, have received the the prestigious 2010 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education. This award covers eleven major disciplines such as natural sciences, engineering, medicine, economics, etc., and the selection of awardees is on a worldwide basis.

Huifeng Qian has made significant accomplishments in his thesis research "Controlling Nanoparticles with Atomic Precision for Total Structure Determination". He has published a number of high-quality papers in premier journals. Among his research achievements, major ones include the development of a size-focusing methodology for synthesizing atomically precise gold nanoparticles and crystallization of a 38-atom Au38(SR)24 nanoparticle; both are considered breakthroughs in the research field.

Wenwen Li has also received this prestigious award. Wenwen has published 17 peer-reviewed articles in high-impact journals and is first author on eight of these. Her major focus has been on the development and use of reactive surfactants as surfactants for the preparation of stable functional polymer-based particles in aqueous biphasic systems. Another thread in her research is the use of more environmentally benign aqueous-based bi-phasic polymerization media with low catalyst concentration procedures for the synthessis of site-specific functional materials with pre-determined architecture. She also received the Astrid and Bruce McWilliams Fellowship in the Mellon College of Science and is a Bayer Fellow.

This highly selective award given to only a few dozen students in the U.S. across many disciplines was previously received by recent departmental alumni, Chuanbing Tang (Ph.D. 2005, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina) and Haifeng Gao (Ph.D. 2007, postdoctoral associate at U. California, Berkeley with J.M.J. Frechet). Congratulations to Huifeng and Wenwen!

March 28, 2011